Description: When attempting to navigate to the GRIDSMART Device Manager with Google Chrome on a Mac computer, you will be unable to bypass the "Your connection is not private" page.


This issue is not associated with GRIDSMART, but is an OS-level issue with certificate expiration dates on Mac.


1. Open Applications/Utilities within Finder

2. Launch the Keychain Access application.

3. Select Certificates in the lower left corner. You should now see the certificate for your GS2 listed.

4. Double-click the certificate.

5. Expand the Trust drop down menu.

6. Select Always Trust for When using this certificate:

7. Exit the configuration window and authenticate with your user account credentials in order to save your changes.

8. You will now be able to access your GS2 on Chrome for MacOS via the GRIDSMART Device Manager. 

Please reach out to support for any issues encountered.

Version(s) effected: N/A

Fix implemented: There is no fix at this time.