If you have an offline Camera

  1. Does the Client show a question mark where the image should be on the Site card or when the Site is opened? If not, please contact support.
  2. Disconnect all Cameras from the GRIDSMART Processor for approximately 10 seconds and then reconnect them. Allow at least 10-15 minutes to initialize fully. If the Camera is still not online after at least 10-15 minutes, please continue onto the next step.
  3. Open the Diagnostics window option on the Site Menu. Does it show approximately 48V?  If not, please contact support. If approximately 48V is showing, click the Reboot System button in the Diagnostics window and enter the appropriate username and password when requested. Observe the Front Panel during the reboot process and note the voltage reported for the 48V supply if troubleshooting a Legacy Processor.
  4. If the Camera is still offline 15 minutes after reboot, check with the Camera plugged into the other Camera port (if there is one) in the same Processor.
  5. Check and verify all connections and cabling.
  6. Check with the Camera plugged directly into the Processor port with a short Cat5 cable (or Camera whip wire) to eliminate any EPM, junction box, or extra cable length involved.
  7. If this is a recent install, was the Camera checked on the ground first prior to install?
  8. Try a different, known good Camera with the same Processor.
  9. Check the old Camera with a known good Processor.
  10. Have there been any storms recently?

If the issue cannot be resolved, please contact support.