CRITICAL NOTE ABOUT THE UPDATE: This update will take less than 10 minutes to complete. It includes both low-level firmware updates as well as security updates to the underlying operating system. Upon reboot, it may take several minutes for the system to start up while the operating system updates are applied, with both the STATUS and CAMSTAT LEDs flashing during this time.


NOTICE: Beginning with this release, the pedestrian crosswalk zone and new pedestrian wait zone will require a two camera installation to be used. This is to ensure that pedestrian detection and tracking is as safe as possible. Existing single-camera installations that have crosswalk zones for pedestrian extensions will continue to work the same way they did in previous versions, but no new zones can be added unless a second camera is installed.

NOTICE: The GRIDSMART Client is now called the GRIDSMART APP and will support all GS2 running firmware version 19.3 or higher.

NOTICE: Future releases will require processors to be updated to 21.3.

NOTICE: Quad view API functionality has been removed. 

NEW: Introduces GRIDSMART Protect. GRIDSMART Protect is a new value offering in the GRIDSMART solution family to provide Vulnerable Road User (VRU) safety - such as bikes-in-the-box, pedestrian actuation and pedestrian all-clear where existing detection such as loops may already be in place.  Both GRIDSMART Protect and GRIDSMART System support the add-on VRU Data Module (VDM) to provide VRU analytics such as bike and pedestrian counting.

NEW: Introduces the Pedestrian Wait Zone for touchless actuation. Pedestrian Wait Zones are included in both the existing GRIDSMART System software and the new GRIDSMART Protect software.

NEW: Adds pedestrian counting to the Performance Module and the VRU Data Module, including a Pedestrian Count report and access via the API.

NEW: Adds support for onboard video recording and playback via the Device Manager to the Streams module. This release also supports a new high-capacity storage SKU for GS2 which can store up to 1.6 TB of video from a single fisheye camera.

NEW: Adds capability to export turning movement counts into a UTDF file for import into Trafficware Synchro Studio. Requires a license for the Performance Module.

IMPROVEMENT: Reduces false vehicle detections created by various causes, particularly those in some left-turn zones (right-turn zones in left-side driving locales).

IMPROVEMENT: The Streams H.264 bandwidth usage is reduced by 50% compared to previous versions. 

Windows Patches

- [KB4566425] - Servicing stack update for Windows 8.1, RT 8.1, and Server 2012 R2: July 14, 2020

- [KB4601349] - (Security-only update)