CRITICAL NOTE ABOUT THE UPDATE: This update will take less than 10 minutes to complete. It includes both low-level firmware updates as well as security updates to the underlying operating system. Upon reboot, it may take several minutes for the system to start up while the operating system updates are applied, with both the STATUS and CAMSTAT LEDs flashing during this time. 




NOTICE: Next release will remove Client support for processors running versions less than 19.3. 


NEW: Departure pulses for vehicle zones. Zones can now be set to send a single pulse for each vehicle that exits, simplifying use and integration into ATSPM platforms such as UDOT's Signal Performance Measures. (Requires the Performance Plus module.)


NEW: Introducing SNMP V3 to the GS2. Allows for enterprise-level monitoring of GS2 devices on your network using SNMP. Receive the device name, uptime, etc.


NEW: User-defined timed recall. Users can set recall on individual zones or the entire site for a specified duration. This can be useful for unforeseen extreme weather events, accidents, or construction that are not handled by the normal programming.


NEW: Adds support for cell coverage in certain parts of the Asia/Pacific region.


NEW: New Vehicle Zone Detection Type setting that supports Stop-line, Advanced, or Other. Now you can set phases on zones other than Stop-line. This can simplify bookkeeping for analytics (e.g., via the API). Also, Advanced zones with phases will now conform to the min/max recall setting. Note that Advanced zones with both protected and permissive phases, if set to min recall, will not recall when either protected or permissive zones are green.


IMPROVEMENT: Improved handling of occlusions at night.


IMPROVEMENT: Improved alert zones to make them less susceptible to false activation in some Traditional (advanced or stop-line) camera installations.


IMPROVEMENT: Improved counting accuracy for adjacent and/or end-to-end zones.


IMPROVEMENT: Remember the current camera selection for each Site Card on the Client’s Sites Homepage


FIX: Resolves a bug that could result in data loss when invoking the API soon after midnight.


FIX: Implemented patch for internal SSD to prevent a rare condition that could cause data loss on an unexpected power event. This patch applies to only a subset of GS2 devices in the field.


Windows Patches 


KB - [4577071] - September 8, 2020—KB4577071 (Security-only update)