• License for the GS2 has been downloaded from cloud to your local computer
  • Computer with an Ethernet port
  • At least one ethernet cable
  • GS2 with power cable
  • To avoid any problems with connecting, please use the supported Google Chrome browser
  • If the GS2 came from the factory and is not running 19.12, it needs to be running 19.12.1 before applying a license.

Applying the License

1. Power on the GS2.

2. Connect the ethernet cable from your computer to the LAPTOP port on the front of the GS2.

3. Open your browser.

4. Navigate to

5. Since the GS2 is factory default, a new temporary password will need to be set (this will be the set password for the admin account).


Note: If you get a prompt that says, “Your connection is not private,” select the “Advanced” button, then click “Proceed to (unsafe).” This is because the GS2 does not have a signed certificate loaded. If you do not see the below prompt afterword, please contact support.

6. Set the new password.

7. Click Continue to Login.

8. Sign in as admin with the new password that you set in the previous step.

9. Once logged in, select Settings.

10. Within the Settings view, select the Modules button.

11. Click Browse and select the license that you downloaded from GRIDSMART Cloud. The license file should now be selected for upload.

12. Click Upload License. You should now see the license activated in the Module view.

Wrapping Up

Before the GS2 is sent to the customer, the temporary password that we set will need to be removed from the Processor and the Processor must be set back to factory settings.

1. Click Settings again.

2. Select the Advanced button.

3. Select the Factory Reset tab.

4. Read and check the I understand… checkbox and click Factory Reset.

5. Select Continue.

6. Once the Processor has been set back to Factory Default, the following window will appear:

7. While your computer is still connected to the LAPTOP port of the GS2, select Click here to open the device manager. Verify that there is a prompt to set a new password:


If you see the above window, the Processor is ready to be sent to the customer.