This bulletin provides information related to identification and correction of a potential grounding issue that can occur within the GS2 Processor. The grounding design relies on a metallic connection between the power supply and the system electronics. Under certain conditions, in some systems it has been found that the metallic connection is non-conductive, resulting in intermittent camera operation or restarting due to static discharge.

The resolution to this issue is the installation of a short, wire jumper. GRIDSMART has created a kit (GS-2-GND) which contains the necessary items to update your system. The update can be performed in your shop in approximately three minutes requiring only the GRIDSMART provided jumper kit and a Phillips screwdriver. Please refer to the image below: remove the two screws, add the cable and refasten the screws.

How to Effect This Update

If your GS2 is exhibiting any of the conditions described in this TSB, you can either return the processor to GRIDSMART for the update or request a kit to update the Processor yourself. If you would like to exercise this update, contact your local distributor or GRIDSMART at or submit a ticket directly through our Support Portal or  call 1-866-652-5347. Inform us of your serial number, a four-digit number located on the back, right corner of your GS2 Processor. Please indicate if you would like to apply this update yourself or if you prefer for your distributor or GRIDSMART to install.