There are several possible configurations with cameras connected to the Processor.  Below is a table to help describe the most common configurations.

Optimal Configuration

Stopbar Detection
(Vehicles, Bicycles, Pedestrians)
Up to 300' Advanced DetectionUp to 400' Advanced Detection
-GS2 Processor
-Single Bell Camera @ 35'
-GS2 Processor
-Single Bell Camera @ 40'
-GS2 Processor
-Single Bell Camera @ 35'
-1 to 4 Advanced Cameras
It is not recommended to install more than four Traditional or Advanced cameras on a single Processor


In Summary, the GS2 Processor can support 2 Fisheye cameras or 1 Fisheye and up to 4 Advanced Cameras. 

For more information on Intersection Design please see our design guide - Intersection Design Guide

For more information on installation best practices - Installation Best Practices

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