For each beta site update, a ticket, full set of logs and information is required





Verify the software version on the Processor.

Verify the Fan is functioning properly.

Device Manager -

Network tab:

1. Check cloud connectivity. Within the Network tab, navigate to GRIDSMART Cloud and verify “Use GRIDSMART Cloud” is checked. Under connectivity, verify the status has a green circle with a check mark. If status is not checked, click “Check connection.


Diagnostics tab:

1. Check the DNS status. It should say “OK”


2. Check the Date & Time settings within Diagnostics is correct to local time.


3. Verify and note the ImageVersion in advanced diagnostics. Format should be “GS2-YYYY-MM-DD”


Date/Time tab:

1. Time Zone is correct to local time.



1. Navigate to modules and click “sync licenses.”





Has the update passed (green and white LEDs) ? (Y/N)

  • If you have any issues use the following procedure - 
    • Call Support line 1-866-652-5347
    • Support will ask about the data in this document
    • Support will attempt to troubleshoot the issue. Let them know what you have already done. 
    • if Support can't resolve the issue they will contact Software. Do not call Software directly
    • Stay at the intersection, Someone from Software will be contacting you.


Device Manager Diagnostics:

1. Version is 19.10 (19.10.17)


Complete logs are required to be attached to the ticket.